In 1887, Joao de Souza quit his job at the sugar plantation on the big island of Hawaii and spent the money he’d saved to realize a lifelong dream—one he’d had as a boy running barefoot on the dirt streets of Sao Miguel in the Azores. He opened his own entertainment establishment, a bar and gambling hall located 11 miles from Hilo, the nearest town. After many successful years, Joao ultimately lost ownership of the 11 Mile Saloon thanks to a bad beat in a late night poker game. But the spirit of the gambling hall lived on in the de Souza family, with both son Fransico and grandson Alfred following in the family business. 

Today, Harvey Souza pays homage to his pioneering great grandfather with his own entertainment establishment, located 7 miles from San Diego in one direction and Tijuana in the other. Harvey welcomes you to Seven Mile Casino and asks that you join him in raising a glass to Joao, to family, and to dreams realized.